Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heading home...looking forward to school tomorrow!

Hi everyone!
I am really looking forward to school tomorrow when I see all the first graders little faces. I  hope you have enjoyed Elmo's adventure as much as I have!

Yesterday was a whole day on the ship. We laid by the pool and listened to music.  But on Friday, Elmo went SNORKELING!!

Elmo saw funny fish and lots of things floating in the water!
Mr. Sallmann saw a barracuda!  Yikes!

To get to the snorkeling area, Elmo and Mrs. Sallmann took a dune buggy around the island of Cozumel. It was a very bumpy ride!

Elmo liked when Mrs. Sallmann drove the car. She does a nice job!
Last picture Elmo wants you to see is only of Mrs. Sallmann and her dolphin named Dixon. Elmo took the picture, that is why Elmo isn't in the picture!  Next time, Elmo will wear his wet suit and get in too. :)
Dixon giving Mrs. Sallmann a kiss! 
See you tomorrow boys and girls! Get a good night's sleep!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya

Elmo had so much fun touring Mayan ruins today! He also got a surprise from Mrs. Sallmann....

After lunch, Elmo and his friends went to explore. Here are some pictures of the ruins. Elmo liked the old ruins!

Elmo is tired tonight. Lots of climbing and walking around. Elmo looks forward to a day at the beach tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone....especially Mrs. Sallmann's AWESOME first graders who she misses very much!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Belize! Zip-lining!

Elmo had SO much fun and adventure today! Elmo and Mrs. Sallmann went zip-lining in the rain forest and it WAS raining!

 Elmo is all strapped in tight for the ride!

Elmo went with Mrs. Sallmann and her mom. All three of us zipped through the trees way up high - like many, many feet high. Elmo was a little scared at first, but then he loved it!
Woo Hoooo!
  Tomorrow Elmo is headed to Mexico where Elmo will practice some of the Spanish Elmo has learned in class with you!
Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Roatan, Honduras

Elmo is really, really far away from Wisconsin right now. It was 85 degrees and very sunny!
Here is a map of Central America which is south of North America where we live.

Elmo had the BEST day today! He got to go with Mr. and Mrs. Sallmann to swim with dolphins!  Elmo has a new friend name Dixon.
We got to rub Dixon's belly and back AND watch him to fancy tricks too! Elmo loves dolphins now and wants to have one as a pet!

 Dixon is being silly here with his tongue sticking out to Elmo! 

 Here is Mrs. Sallmann touching Dixon's belly!

 Dixon showing off!

 Mrs. Sallmann's favorite picture of the dolphin.

Elmo met even MORE friends on the boat back to shore! Elmo loves new friends!!

Mrs. Sallmann and Elmo are heading to Belize tomorrow. We are going to go on an adventure through the rain forests. Elmo is really excited! We are back on the boat right now. Elmo is tired and ready to take a nap. 
Check back soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mr. Sallmann's Favorite Sesame Street Character is....


Elmo's First Day

Elmo had so much fun getting on the boat. I wanted in a long line to get on, but once I was on, Elmo had SO MUCH FUN!
Elmo's First View of the Ship!

Today Elmo and Mrs. Sallmann walked around the ship and found all the fun places to go. Elmo told Mrs. Sallmann to make sure she takes lots of pictures of the things to do on the ship! One of her favorites is to sit on a lounge chair like I'm doing here:

There is a really big bridge in Florida called the Sunshine Bridge. Everyone from the boat came out to see as we went under the bridge. The boat JUST made it!! Elmo had to duck his head!
Here is a picture of the bridge at night:

Now look at how close the ship is to the bridge!

Elmo is really tired today after the traveling, waiting in line and walking the ship. Elmo promises to have more pictures for you tomorrow!

Elmo says good night to all!

Elmo says, "Elmo's on his way!"

Hello first grade friends!
Elmo is so excited for this trip, but there was little mix up on who was going. Bogie thought he was coming with Elmo!

After a lot of thought, Elmo decided he could come too. He was so excited that he grabbed Elmo before Elmo was even ready!

Elmo told Bogie he could come, but wouldn't be in every picture with Elmo.  Here is Elmo at the airport waiting patiently for the plane.

Guess who jumped up?


Elmo needs to say good-bye for now! I am on the plane and need to get into my seat belt. Emo is really excited to board the boat on Sunday! Check back again for Elmo's adventure (and Mrs. Sallmann's too)!

Goodbye Friends!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome 1st Graders!

Elmo and I are so excited you are going to join me on my trip! I hope that I can write something everyday and share pictures with you too.
I miss you already!

Mrs. Sallmann and Elmo!