Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Roatan, Honduras

Elmo is really, really far away from Wisconsin right now. It was 85 degrees and very sunny!
Here is a map of Central America which is south of North America where we live.

Elmo had the BEST day today! He got to go with Mr. and Mrs. Sallmann to swim with dolphins!  Elmo has a new friend name Dixon.
We got to rub Dixon's belly and back AND watch him to fancy tricks too! Elmo loves dolphins now and wants to have one as a pet!

 Dixon is being silly here with his tongue sticking out to Elmo! 

 Here is Mrs. Sallmann touching Dixon's belly!

 Dixon showing off!

 Mrs. Sallmann's favorite picture of the dolphin.

Elmo met even MORE friends on the boat back to shore! Elmo loves new friends!!

Mrs. Sallmann and Elmo are heading to Belize tomorrow. We are going to go on an adventure through the rain forests. Elmo is really excited! We are back on the boat right now. Elmo is tired and ready to take a nap. 
Check back soon!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Sallmann,
    It's A.J. I was in your 4th grade class not last year but the year before. I wanted to say I am studying Latin America right now in Social Studies. Isn't Honduras rocky?