Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elmo's First Day

Elmo had so much fun getting on the boat. I wanted in a long line to get on, but once I was on, Elmo had SO MUCH FUN!
Elmo's First View of the Ship!

Today Elmo and Mrs. Sallmann walked around the ship and found all the fun places to go. Elmo told Mrs. Sallmann to make sure she takes lots of pictures of the things to do on the ship! One of her favorites is to sit on a lounge chair like I'm doing here:

There is a really big bridge in Florida called the Sunshine Bridge. Everyone from the boat came out to see as we went under the bridge. The boat JUST made it!! Elmo had to duck his head!
Here is a picture of the bridge at night:

Now look at how close the ship is to the bridge!

Elmo is really tired today after the traveling, waiting in line and walking the ship. Elmo promises to have more pictures for you tomorrow!

Elmo says good night to all!


  1. mrs. sallmann. i miss you. i want you to come back. please come back o pleam se come back . 1st. grade isnt. right. please. from, jessica.

  2. Thanks Jessica! I miss you too! I will see you Monday :). Happy Thanksgiving!