Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elmo says, "Elmo's on his way!"

Hello first grade friends!
Elmo is so excited for this trip, but there was little mix up on who was going. Bogie thought he was coming with Elmo!

After a lot of thought, Elmo decided he could come too. He was so excited that he grabbed Elmo before Elmo was even ready!

Elmo told Bogie he could come, but wouldn't be in every picture with Elmo.  Here is Elmo at the airport waiting patiently for the plane.

Guess who jumped up?


Elmo needs to say good-bye for now! I am on the plane and need to get into my seat belt. Emo is really excited to board the boat on Sunday! Check back again for Elmo's adventure (and Mrs. Sallmann's too)!

Goodbye Friends!


  1. Maria would like to know what Mr. Sallmann's favorite monster from Sesame Street is. Is Mr. Sallmann going on the boat with you and Elmo?

  2. Hello Maria! Mr. Sallmann's favorite Sesame Street character is Grover! And Mr. Sallmann wants Bogie in EVERY picture with Elmo, so that may have to happen! Keep coming to the blog to see what Elmo is up to!