Monday, July 13, 2009

The Big Bus Company

Toot, toot. I did the double decker bus tour today!

I slept in today and made it into central London by noon. Here's the thing about London's travel system:

You have the tube. That is just like the subway.
You have the tram. This is above ground, a bit slower, and is usually on the outside of the central part taking you into the city.
You have the train. This reminds me of the train between Milwaukee and Chicago, although it travels to many more places and from more places than that.
You have the bus. Just like you think, except there are double decker buses.

I took the train from Beckenham Junction to Victoria Station. One shot deal for my first time navigating it on my own. And it went very smoothly, thank you.

The bus I did was a tour bus, like in New York, that takes you to major places. You can get on and off at your leisure. The first one I got on, I couldn't really understand the British guide, but that bus was done with its route. So I got on another one and went to the second level. It was great.

They pointed out places to shop, where people live/lived, beautiful hotels, and historical places. The stop I decided to make was to visit Westminster Abbey. I didn't realize it cost money, but it was pretty reasonable. You also were not allowed to take pictures inside, so I can only show you the outside.

Many past kings and queens are entombed or memorialized in the Abbey, along with some poets, writers, and scientists - like Darwin! The architecture is amazing for something built so long ago. I was in awe. The tour had a nice hand held device that gave you information and sometimes provided music - like a men's choir or an organ. Very fitting for the place.

Before heading back on the bus, I needed to eat (motion sickness), so I decided on a pub called Fuller's Ale and Pie. Sallmann women - you would be proud of me because I ordered something out of the ordinary for myself! I tried one of their 'pies.' It was a sweet potato, spinach and mushroom all in a small flaky pie (see picture). (Yes. I picked out the mushrooms).

After lunch, I got back on the bus for the rest of the tour. I made sure to take note of places I wanted to make my way back to later this week.

Stacey and I just ordered a pizza and will be eating "take away" tonight. I am trying the English version of the Joe Sallmann (Sr.) pizza - sausage and black olives. I'll let you know how it tastes!




  1. There's not enough food on that plate for "Sallmann Women!" That looks like a little plate of bird food. Oh yea you are a little birdy. How is your Diary coming along?

  2. Great! I am glad you are reading it! :)

  3. or do you mean my little journal?

  4. So how was the Pizza? And what are your plans for this day? Catlin is coming to Tom's tonight and we are going to get your blog up on Tom's computer for all to see. Have you been to Piccadily Circus yet? LYMY, Mom

  5. I meant your little journal. Were you able to get a piece of the Magna Carta for me? If not, I would also settle for one of the rocks at Stonehenge. Nothing over two tons however. That would cost a fortune at the airport.