Friday, July 10, 2009

I am here!

I have arrived! The plane ride went very smooth, except for one lady who had some medical thing and needed attention for about an hour. They put her on oxygen and called for any doctor or nurse. I said I was a TEACHER, but that didn't help. Luckily she was fine and we didn't have to have an emergency landing.
Now after a 4 hour journey, I am at Stacey's flat. Customs took an hour to get through - not that I had contraband or was just a very long line. The 'tube' was delayed for various reasons, but the train went smooth, as did the bus. So now I am ready to take a long nap to be ready for dinner tonight.

Love to all. I will post pictures of the flat and the neighborhood after some snoozes.

1 comment:

  1. Ah! I figured out the blog site without the help of any adults. Oh wait I am an adult. So glad you made it in one piece and did everything within your power to help that poor woman out. Pretty site and nice choice of colors. Where are those pictures you promised woman? Anxiously awaiting your next post.