Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day of Markets

Today we went to two very popular markets - Camden Market and Portabello Road Market in Notting Hill.

Camden Market was a lot of different, unique items, like jewelry, pictures, albums, scarves, clothes, shoes and lots of other items. It is also a place where I could get tattooed and pierced like Amy Winehouse (who frequents this area). See picture to right of market.

The Notting Hill market was antiques of silver, jewelry, dishes, and other various items. You definitely saw a lot of the same things over and over - like spoons or flasks. It was at least a half a mile long ending with food venders and fresh produce.

After the markets, we tried to get to Hyde Park, but wound up wandering around the west end (where the shows are) and ended up in Trafalgar Square due to the rain. The tube was a mess because of an apparent body of a person under a train - happens frequently, I guess. So we walked around Soho and looked for a pub to grab a drink. We decided to take the tram back towards Stacey's place and get a bite to eat.

We ate at a place called Miso's which is a Chinese restaurant. All was dandy, until I found a bug in my food! We both decided we were done eating, and we headed towards home. Last stop was a pub in Stacey's neighborhood called The Oak Hill. See picture of two women drinking their beer taken by a brit whom I accidentally took a picture of his pants, but after I told him - Stacey made sure to correct me and say trousers, because pants are his underwear!

Tomorrow is a new day. We are planning our attack. There is a 10k running right near where we want to go, and we have to navigate around or run it, but I have to say I have no desire of the latter choice.


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  1. I look forward to the gift you bought me at the S&M shop you stopped at. Also, did you drive that blue car home after too many bitters and crash into the front door of her flat or do you always park on the sidewalk? Keep the blogs coming. I'm enjoying them and also compliment your use of space.