Sunday, July 12, 2009

Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace and Greenwich

We did A LOT today! We started at Buckingham Palace where hundreds of others started their days too. It was quite crowded, so I didn't get to see the changing of the guard. I plan on going back sometime this week.

We had a nice walk through Hyde Park along the Serpentine River, then over to Kensington Gardens to view the Princess Diana Memorial. I have to say....the memorial (pictured on right) is not very pretty. I feel it doesn't do her honor justice, but I like how the kids can run and play in it, even though they aren't supposed to due to the danger of slipping. The other thing about the kids - many were in their underwear or naked (both Stacey and I thought it would be a pedophile's heaven - gross).

Kensington Palace (pictured) was ok. The sunken gardens were beautiful. We didn't tour the palace, but I may go back.

From there, we took the tube to Greenwich to stand on the Prime Meridian. When we finally found where the line was located, we were so tired and hungry we didn't want to climb the hill. So we ate at a pub and walked up after. Stacy and I are pictured standing on either side of 0 degrees - she is on the WEST (making a W with her fingers) and I am, obviously, on the EAST (making an E with my fingers).

Right now, it is 8:40 PM, and we are ready for bed. Both of us are sore and tired. Tomorrow I will be doing the London Bus Tour, while Stacey goes back to work.


  1. Wow, full day and lots of sights. Is Diana's memorial the statue w/ the gold angel on top? I am sure you two are tired, sleep tight.
    Hi Joe. You're right she does look a lot tanner than those palace guards.

  2. Oops. I forgot to post that picture. Now it is up there.
    Thanks for being a loyal follower, Mom!
    Love you!

  3. Hi all, Where's the newest update?