Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too tired to think right now....

This is a short post, but with more pictures.

I am SUPER tired today. I walked, and walked, and walked - and at one point walked in a circle without even trying! I felt like Chevy Chase in European Vacation because I found myself at the same point I started. I was trying to find Harrods. I took a cab and found out I was headed in the opposite direction!

So, today you will see Buckingham Palace (again, just as crowded), a funny street sign - I have no idea what it means, my first (and only) FISH AND CHIPS, and Stacey's huge sardine from her mixed fish platter. Joe - you would have been salivating! By the way, she didn't really bite the head off or any of it for that matter!

Tomorrow we head down to Southampton - this is where the Titanic started its voyage and where many ships docked for D-Day.


  1. Did you ever find Harrods? Why was it your one and only fish and chips? The sardine looks yucky. Love the sign. How's the weather? Oh so many questions. Hope you are getting a good nights sleep and will be rarin to go tomorrow. Putter says hi! And no, he is not driving me crazy, think he has even warmed up to me a bit. LYMY, Mom

  2. I found Harrods and explored for about an hour. Just so big!
    I guess it is hard to find a good fish and chip place - so ours was good, no need to try another Off to the shore! Love you!

  3. That sardine looks like a rotten banana peel