Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday - Shopping and stuff

Good Morning everyone!

Last night we stayed in Beckenham (Stacey's neighborhood) and found a mexican restaurant to have drinks and food. There are very few mexican places, and we found out why last night. The Brits don't do mexican food very well! The sangria was delicious, and we listened to a fun marachi band. Stacey's co-workers joined us, and they were fun, interesting women from all over the U.S. All were social workers.

Apparently, London looks very poorly upon social workers -which is why many are recruited from the United States. If anything goes wrong, the social worker is blamed AND named in the newspapers!

I went to my first 'pub/club' last night. It was called The Slug and Lettuce. It is crazy to see such young people out and dressed up. Since the drinking age is 18, there are many, many young women and men. There were two young women, probably 18 or 19, who ordered 8 red bull/yager shots for themselves. They proceded to drink all 8 in a matter of 5 minutes. It is so sad and scary to see that. It was fun, however, to see a few very wasted men dancing like fools!

Today we are up at 8:45, and we are going to head to the Camden Market first. Then around that area for some sight-seeing.

I have a few pictures, but I haven't turned on my computer yet, so I can't upload them as of right now. I will figure that out later!

Off to the market!

Thanks for the comments, and thanks MOM for being a follower of this blog! :)

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