Friday, July 17, 2009

St. Paul's Cathedral, Imperial War Museum and Chartwell


Today was another busy day in the big city and little country. I was a rockstar with the tube today - finding my way from one end of London to the other in 2 hours time (I didn't have much time to explore today).

I started north of the Thames at St. Paul's Cathedral. It is a beauty of a church. Princess Di was married there, and they had Winston Churchill's funeral there too.

Next I went to the Imperial War Museum. It was great. They had tons of things that Joe would love to see and read. I spent most my time in the Holocaust exhibit - which was very, very well done. I look forward to seeing the one in D.C. next week.

THEN, I hit a place recommended by Mandy called Wagamama for noodles. Yum! From there I met Stacey and her boss Steve, and the three of us drove to Chartwell - where the home of Winston Churchill stands. It was a 'country' estate with gardens, and gardens and more gardens. I learned that he wrote books, painted, was a family man, politician and also made a brick wall around his house! Very interesting man - I want to read a biography about his life.

Stacey's boss made Bangers and Mash for us tonight at his house. It is sausages, mashed potatoes and gravy sauce with lots of onions. It was delicious with the onions picked out. Very traditional.

Now we are getting ready to meet Barb tomorrow. Barb is one of our office assistants at Eisenhower. She is north of London, so our journey begins at 7 AM and takes about 2 hours. We will be exploring more of the Cotswolds (more of the countryside of England).

Only one more full day here! I will be home before you know it!!



  1. I need to go to Churchill's Garden Seat and also do some important thinking. Right on that plastic white chair. Everyone has such a gigantic house in England.

  2. Ah, by the time you read this you'll be completing your last full day. Churchill's estate is quite quaint, for sure! I can't wait to hear about the countryside. And I can't wait to see all the pictures and give you a welcome home hug! LY, Mom