Friday, July 9, 2010

Elmo's trip to the Desert Castles of Jordan

Elmo wants to tell you how much fun he had today!  He was on a trip to the desert castles of Jordan in the northern part of the country.  At one point Elmo was only 100 km from the Iraqi border!

Elmo visited 4 places.  One used to be a town, one was a fort, one was a possible inn and another was a place to escape and relax.  Elmo doesn't remember the names, but he knows his friend Sarah will help him when she has time.

Elmo hopes you enjoy his photos!  Elmo is very tired tonight after pushing the well for water (see below) and he needs to get ready for the trip tomorrow to Jerash.

Elmo loves you!


  1. Hope Elmo didn't get sunburned since he was out and about without a hat.

  2. Sarah, what can I say, you are a crazy, crazy girl!! I never thought I could laugh at elmo so hard.
    Have fun in the desert.

  3. Love Elmo. Great pictures. Top one is Awesome. Keep shooting!!!

  4. Elmo's so funny! Elmo is one of the reasons I like you. Not that there's only one...