Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrapping it up is bittersweet.

Rana Husseini invited us to see the Jordan women's soccer team practice.  It was great to see the women in a different element.  They were laughing, joking with each other and practicing a sport they love.  As you can see in the picture, some are covered, while others are not.  This is just the way of life here, and I love that about Jordan.

On Wednesday, I met with a former first grade teacher, Joana, who gave me wonderful ideas for the classroom AND a teacher connection at her school for this next school year!  I can't wait to start an international relationship with first graders here and my new class of first graders in WI.  How exciting!

We went to the King Abdullah Mosque on Wednesday morning too.  On the way there, our taxi driver pointed out this traffic officer who is 75 years old and has been entertaining this corner for years.  He was dancing around and swinging his arms like he was on stage.  The taxi driver got his attention for me to take a picture, and he ended up standing at attention for me:

It was a very large mosque with one big room for the men and a smaller room for the women.  I would have LOVED to see it during prayer because I am sure it is simply amazing to see.

Elmo was very respectful.  He took his shoes off at the door and was very quiet.
I had to wear a robe and cover my head. 

Today was another great day.  We had breakfast with our language instructor, we met with the Institute of Diplomacy and had a nice light political chat, and we had a lovely group dinner.

Oh yeah.  One more thing...we got PEDICURES!  Joana gave us the number to a great place.  We were so ready to sit back and relax.  They scrubbed 30 days of dirt, desert, car oil, rocks, sand, stone, and walking off my feet today.  I must say, they look delicious!  I am ready for the island!

Heidi, Aurora and I.

These are some happy feet!

Tomorrow we pack.  We have a few markets we want to hit too.  Then I say goodbye to this wonderful country.

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  1. Oh my, I am sure it is bittersweet. This experience you will carry all the days of the future. But it will be GOOD to have you home. LY