Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday....Karak Castle

We left the hotel for our two night excursion at 8:00.  Many of us weren't feeling very good (we think from water we drank in Irbid the previous weekend), so we loaded up on medicine and got tough.  It was the beginning of a long and adventure filled weekend.

We started at Karak Castle.  The view from the top was just breathtaking.

One of our group members, Heidi, is a medieval historian.  Going to this castle for her would be like me meeting Elmo!  Karak was built by the crusaders back in the 12th century!   Luckily, a nice man offered to be our guide and showed us things we wouldn't have seen.  Here is a picture of scratches on the wall of the dungeon where a prisoner was keeping track of the years going by....

The castle boasted many rooms and niches, some dark and some large and full of light. There were TWO bread ovens too!  Definitely click on the link above to learn more about Karak!

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