Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday's Events

I am getting my days mixed up.  It is hard to believe we have only been here for only 4 full days and are on our fifth. 

I will answer some comment questions first.  A.J. had a great question!  The keyboards here are in English or Arabic or even both. Like the cell phone I have, as you can see, there are Arabic letters and the alphabet.

As for the dirt, Mandy, it depends where you are. I will make sure to take a few shots of the dirt just for you.  Mom and Jenny - the IB stands for International Baccalaureate.  The curriculum and pedagogy of IB programs focus on international perspectives of learning and teaching, while insisting that students fully explore their home culture and language.  Green Bay West High School is going to have the IB program and a teacher with us is helping get it started there.  It is a great opportunity for students!

Today we had a meeting at ACOR, the American Center of Oriental Research which has an emphasis on archaeology.  It was so cool because they have an amazing library there full of historical books and a few rooms full of objects found on archaeological excavations!  There is an actual room where archaeologists use tools, vacuums, acid, etc. to bring these objects back to life.  Here are a few of the pieces they had put back together:

It was amazing because it was an informal visit - not like a museum, so we took pictures and were able to be close up.  So, Elmo got into the whole archaeology thing and wanted to be involved in the process:

The coolest thing we got to see was the actual Petra Papyri - many of which were destroyed by fire.  The ones restored they can actually read what was written on them and have published them in two books.  The first picture is of an actual papyri.  The other is of ones that had too much damage from the fire.

We went to lunch at a very nice hotel with the Rotary Club of Jordan.  It is an English speaking club that has men and women members.  It was an amazing lunch with about 30 different food choices, not including dessert.  We were able to talk to business people, doctors, dentists, etc.  We gave out our cards and tried to make some connections.  I talked with one gentleman - a very out-going man, who had his daughter give us a shout out on the radio today.  She is a comedian, and apparently said something about us at 5:00. I did listen, but since it was all in Arabic, I have to take his word for it!  He was a very funny man too, and wanted a picture of us here you go!

He owns a restaurant that he invited us to visit and he would personally make us pizza!

Tonight we are headed to the Blue Fig to watch the World Cup.  This is AFTER we study our Arabic.  My head is spinning!

Ma -ha s-salaama - Go in Safety


  1. Wow, they are certainly keeping you busy! No wonder your head is spinning! Time is going to fly while you are there! Very cool you were able to get so close to things being put back together by the archeologists! I'm pretty sure Elmo would not have had that experience in the US! Will you get to visit Petra? My mom says it was very cool to see, but the only way in was riding a donkey through a narrow carved out path..... Might be worth the trip!

  2. The Blue Fig. Is that were they film on T.V.? I will look for you...