Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm in Jordan!

We made it!  After a flight from Green Bay, a 5 hour layover in Chicago, on to London and about a 6 hour layover, then the final destination - Jordan at 12:15 AM.

After customs, we saw this wonderful man holding this sign for us!

We made it to the hotel at 2:00 AM after a 30 minute bus ride and a stop for water.  I used the arabic word for thank you, SHUK-RAN, a few times so far.

Last thing for took me awhile to figure out how to log into my blog.  As you see in the picture, everything is in Arabic.  I will be learning every step of the way!

Good night - TIS-BAH or A-LA KHEYR


  1. Hello! So cool! Is it warm in Jordan? Glad to hear you made it in one piece!


  2. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound!! You must be soooooo tired.

  3. Glad you got there safe! I'm amazed you figured out the blog at all in Arabic--nice going> I love seeing the pictures, and how nice to have someone meet you at the airport!
    talk soon
    love Jen

  4. Sarah, you can tell you're part of our family with the food description AND picture! Keep up the blogging-very interesting!