Thursday, July 8, 2010


Our third day of Arabic class is over, and I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of learning.  Matching the words, with the letters, then the sounds or the other way around is very overwhelming and daunting.  It is a challenge, to say the least, and one I am putting lots of energy into despite my fear of failure (we must take risks and challenge ourselves to learn....right!?).  The only thing I do know is that I am doing my best to get the most out of this learning experience.

The Blue Fig.  The World Cup.  The excitement and enthusiasm of so many Jordanian men and women and boys and girls.  I don't know if I would have wanted to experience these games anywhere but here.  There is such an exciting feeling surrounding the games and I can't imagine what the final game will be like.  I have never seen so many flags from Spain and Germany flying around before!  We had a front row seat in front of a large screen at a very nice place called Blue Fig.  Here is a picture of Aurora and I cheering on Germany!

Thursday started with class, then a meeting at the Fulbright commision with Alain McNamara.  He was a charming man who gave us very good tips on how to write other grants for more experiences in Jordan.  I think a few in the group are VERY interested in returning and doing some research here. (Who wouldn't be..this place is great!)

This afternoon, we walked around the area of the Fulbright commission, going into a zoo/playground and stopping into a "mall" (about 5 stores and a food court).  In the mall, most of us bought something from Fashion City - I bought a shirt for 8JD, then we shopped in our first supermarket.  I look forward to finding one closer to our 'home' because there was so much to purchase!  Aurora and I each bought a pistachio ice cream drumstick, and Jolanda bought a plate of delicious (addicting) sesame cookies.  YUM! 

The zoo/playground was about a block in area filled with many cages of different species of birds and a playground with children in the center.  There were two monkeys also (can't forget the monkeys!).  It was fun watching the children play and realizing more and more how we all want the same things in life - and in the case of the children, it is to have fun!  It looked and sounded just like Eisenhower's playground on sunny afternoons. :)

Tonight was a stay in kind of night.  Tomorrow is the start of a GREAT weekend!  We go to see the desert castles in the northeast corner of Jordan (towards the Iraqi border) tomorrow.  On Saturday, we head to Jerash, Ajloun, Um Qais and Irbid until Sunday evening. 

So, I will post lots of pictures from this field trip and links to great sites for information about these places upon my return! 

Peace and love to all.

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