Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I was told by someone they have tried to post comments, but I haven't seen them.  I haven't seen any comments in a while, so if you have commented, I am sorry I haven't responded!

We met with an amazing woman today - make that two amazing women today.  Our time here is so limited, but we are so lucky with the people we are meeting. 

One woman is going to connect a group of kids from Amman with my first grade classroom.  She was the first person who was truly excited about a project like this.  I am so very excited to have my students learn about the Middle East and its enriching culture through the eyes of children just like them!

The second woman invited us to her home and we had a wonderful meal and mighty good dessert (I will be making AS SOON as I get back - to all who know me well....it is made with DIGESTIVES!!!).  We had a deep, meaningful conversation on perceptions and stereotypes and how to help change people's way of thinking about other cultures, with an emphasis on the Muslim culture.   Again, great things I will bring into my teaching and into my own life experiences.

Now we relax and decide what to do tonight.  We will be visiting the King Abdullah mosque tomorrow.  Elmo can't wait.

Peace and love.

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