Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday....the Dead Sea

As we made our way up the "coast" of the Dead Sea, all I kept thinking was the tons and tons of fish that were swimming above us because we were at 350 feet BELOW sea level! 

The Dead Sea is very blue despite its 31% salt content.  It looked magical considering we came from the desert where water is so sparse. 

So the contrast I was talking about is the difference between waking up in the desert to camels grazing in the sand and being a guest at the Marriot Hotel Dead Sea Resort under the King Abdullah Development Fund and getting the royal treatment - all in one day.

It started with lunch at Champions restaurant, one of many at the Marriot.  We had to walk by two of the three pools to get there.  Champions was a sports bar with a Packer jersey, Montana jersey, Larry Bird jersey and hip-hop music playing LOUDLY in the background.  Needless to say, we were about to experience a "western" lunch.

The lunch was already ordered for us, so we didn't know what we were having.  But I must say, due to the stomach issues I had been having, I was kind of excited to have some "American" cuisine.  It started with a caesar salad.  Next came cheese fries and buffalo wings.  We ate like we hadn't seen food in a while!  Then the quesadillas came.  At this point, we were wondering if there was going to be a "main" meal or just these appetizers.  Well, the next plate that arrived looked like a fish fry, but it was chicken tenders and fries.  We thought for sure this was the main meal.  Nope.  It didn't stop there.  Next came fajita wraps of steak and chicken.  By now we were ready to throw up the white flag, but the waiter just laughed and brought out philly cheesesteaks and more fries.  Unfortunately, many of those were untouched because we couldn't handle anymore!  Until dessert.  Brownie and ice cream.  Somehow, most of us could fit that in!

This is an after shot.  Notice some surprised and confused looks.

Of course, we knew we needed to go "swimming" after all this food, but it was the Dead Sea.  There wasn't going to be any swimming going on! 

The hotel had a private entrance to the sea.  So we walked down and found the special shoes they have for you to wear.  I couldn't resist my famous feet picture with the funny looking shoes:

Feet pictured are Jolanda, Heidi, Aurora, Jill and I.

Would you believe someone insisted they go in first??

Yep!  Elmo was the first one to float in the Dead Sea!

Walking into the Dead Sea was just like any lake.  You don't feel much of a difference until you get out a bit further.  Actually, it was extremely warm - like bath water.  Once you get into an area where more of your body is in, you start to find it hard to keep your feet on the bottom - you just kind of bob up and down.  So the natural thing to do is turn on your back and float.  Just like Elmo is doing!

Here we all are floating in the salt, salt, salt water!

We were warned about a few things when it came to the Dead Sea.  Number one, don't shave before going in and know that you will definitely know if you have any cuts on your body!  Well, I found that out!  OUCH!  I had one on my lower back from the camel ride that I thought was just a bruise....oh was a cut and it hurt SO much!  Number 2, don't get it into your eyes either!  Number three, don't even try swimming, it won't work.  We just floated, or bobbed up and down, or did the running man in the water. 

It is really hard to describe what the water felt like.  It wasn't thick like I expected.  It just had a strong feeling to it that I can't describe.

The second part of the Dead Sea adventure is putting Dead Sea mud on your skin and letting it dry.  So we got extremely muddy!  After rinsing off, our skin felt much smoother.

The last part of our day was then taking a swim in the hotel's third pool.

Although warm, it was refreshing and relaxing - and a spectacular view of the sea.  It was a great way to end a perfect weekend!

Even Elmo thought so!

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