Sunday, July 18, 2010


We were invited to an UW-GB alum's house for a bbq (Jordan style).  Daoud and his family hosted the party which included all of us, all of the high school students in the Journey to Jordan program, and Daoud's family and friends.  It was at his "farm" which is a beautiful two story house with olive trees in the front and grape vines in the back.  His father built the house for family to come together - which is what they do every Friday.  Everyone was so nice, and Daoud and his wife were very generous.  We had the most delicious meal of mixed grill, shawarma, fruit, desserts and a new thing (can't remember the name) that was a wrap with meat that I declare my favorite so far.  They also served beer - which made a few people smile!

The meat in the background is chicken - that is what they
use in shawarma sandwiches.  YUM!


  1. Hey Mrs.Sallamander. Its Millie I loved your site and blog good job.

  2. Your cats are so cute. Do you think life was better in Jordan or in America.-Millie