Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th from Amman!

Last night we were on top of a hill in East Amman looking over the city and the Citadel. (Click for information/history).  If you look very close to the near center, you can see a firework!

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Wild Jordan.  Here is a picture of the restaurant.

Wild Jordan contributes part of its revenues to support the local communities.  They have an awesome gift shop of many handmade items - like jewelery, stuffed animals and soaps. 

You can see the JABALS (mountain/hills) where Amman is located. 

Today we have been to the Amman International Baccalaureate School (more information to follow later) and are now off to the U.S. Embassy for a security briefing and information session.

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  1. The Wild Jordan looks like a fortress. I read in Jolanda's blog that it was a gift from the US. Is that the same cat from London?